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Raise Amazing Kids with

Transactional Analysis!

In this book, parenting takes on a refreshing new perspective that promises to empower both parents and children. This insightful guide, written by Rotimi Amurawaiye, unveils the transformative power of transactional analysis as a framework for nurturing resilient, self-confident, and emotionally intelligent children.

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Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential with Transactional Analysis: Raise Amazing Kids, Foster Lifelong Success!

Transactional analysis, a widely respected psychological theory, serves as the foundation for understanding the intricate dynamics of the human mind. This book examines how a child’s early experiences and how their parents treat them affect their future wellbeing. It sheds light on how the way we were raised affects our personalities, temperaments, and eventually our success in life. As you delve into the pages, you will discover how to tailor your parenting style to suit the unique needs of your children.

“Raise Amazing Kids with Transactional Analysis” provides practical, actionable advice that parents can implement immediately. From decoding the unique concept of ego states (Parent, Adult, and Child) to explaining how the human brain stores memory, this book equips you with the tools you need to raise emotionally balanced and self-confident children.

Rotimi Amurawaiye’s engaging writing style, enriched with real-life stories and relatable scenarios, makes this book a compelling and enjoyable read. You will find yourself not only learning about transactional analysis but also witnessing its transformative effects on your parenting journey.

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Elevate your parenting style. Promote the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of your children in an ever-changing world.


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“The reality is that many children are dealing with various limiting emotional problems that prevent them from enjoying life fully and from reaching their potential. Many children suffer from persistent and undiagnosed psychological disorders such as anxiety, melancholy, guilt, fear, and low self-esteem, among others. Parents are often unaware of the root causes of these issues and how they could have avoided them in the first place. Would it not have been more helpful if parents had known how to prevent these ills from afflicting their children from the start? This is why this book was written, as well as some of the concerns it seeks to address.”

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